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Down the garden path

  • Photography: Derek Swalwell
  • Text: Lucinda McKimm
Before one even brushes up against the impressive, large timber door that leads you into Camperdown, it’s already clear that you’ve arrived in a place of sanctuary. While the centrepiece of this four-bed home is the dramatic double height entry hall, the luscious garden path that leads you there is just as captivating. It gives a holiday feeling and is the first nod to the emphasis on the home’s relationship with nature. 

The overflowing greenery provides softness to the solid form while a gentle curve leads into the entry and accentuates the textual impact of sunlight on the brickwork. “I wanted something solid and timeless and I wanted it to be a fun home,” says Cameron McKimm, InForm’s managing director and the proud owner of the home that he lives in with his wife Ebony and daughter Olive. “It’s so enjoyable living here and looking around at the home and at all of the little details.”

The contrast of solid materials softened by subtle curves and an abundance of greenery is a theme that is carried through the home. “Landscaping is fundamental to the success of the project, providing a balance and juxtaposition with the bold architectural forms,” Simon Perkins says. “And in this house, the garden comes alive via the long perspective views down the central circulation spine, bringing landscape features into the house.”

A sculptural steel stair and bridge connects the levels and the parents’ domain from the kids’ rooms on the upper level. Beneath, an indoor garden brings warmth and life to the entrance. A central circulation spine provides longitudinal vistas on both levels, which adds drama and accentuates the sense of space. The spine also divides public and private spaces – as well as the main kitchen living area, the ground floor also includes a study and powder room on the public side, while a double garage, cellar, gym, laundry, and pantry are discreetly positioned on the private side.

“Simplicity is a constant theme in our work and it’s expressed here through a restrained palette of materials, as well as pure, bold forms,” says Simon.Timber, including teak ceilings, large oak doors and wall panels add warmth to the interior and contrast beautifully with the concrete floors and white painted reclaimed brickwork. Refined joinery elements and interior design details featuring marble, timber veneers and mosaic tiles add luxury, texture, and delicacy.

“I realised when Simon presented the design to me that he really understood what I like,” says Cam. “I love the palette of concrete, white bricks, and the timber ceiling.” In witnessing all the elements come together – from that first design presentation to handover – Cam was able to experience and appreciate the refinement of the InForm process and the creativity of the Pleysier Perkins team in a new light; this time, as the client.  “The amount of effort everyone at InForm and Pleysier Perkins put into our home was just unbelievable,” Cam finishes. “I wake up in the morning and come down the stairs and I just can’t believe I live here.”

“Respect and camaraderie have been central to our relationship with Pleysier Perkins which spans over 15 years. The optimum outcome for our clients is the central focus of this uniquely collaborative partnership, which is evident in every home we build.”

Cameron McKimm, Managing Director, InForm