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Contemporary design and personalised service that guarantees certainty, quality and value.

Founded in 1994 by Chris McKimm, InForm was built on the idea that all Australians deserve to live in well-designed homes. This simple philosophy remains at the core of a McKimm family-run business where the next generation continues the legacy.

InForm has pioneered the builder-architect model with leading residential architect Pleysier Perkins. Each project results from a rigorous collaboration between the two firms, with the design outcome always unique and considered, tailored to suit our clients’ tastes and requirements.

A dedicated project manager provides certainty and clarity in an often complex journey, including architecture, interior design and construction. We have developed trusted relationships for over three decades, relentlessly refining our processes to ensure cost and time efficiencies and superior build quality for our clients.

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InForm由创始人Chris McKimm于1994年创立,是一家家族企业。我们与建筑界的标杆设计师Pleysier Perkins合作,率先推出了建筑师与建筑商协同合作的创新模式。每个项目都配备专门的项目经理,确保在复杂的项目中,从建筑设计、室内设计到施工过程,细节明确且沟通顺畅。



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Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

InForm 可以在客户会议上提供翻译, 如有需要,请在咨询过程中注明。


InForm Office

229 Bay Road, Sandringham
Victoria 3191

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Pleysier Perkins Office

For convenience, meetings can be located at the St Kilda office of Pleysier Perkins.
89 Wellington Street, St Kilda
Victoria 3182

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