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Montfort House

Montfort House is set amongst the sand dunes adjacent to national parkland in Blairgowrie.

To be at Montfort House is to be immersed in nature, a rare opportunity and a powerful experience where the elements that characterise the coast are on full display.

A dramatic entry begins at the foot of a grand staircase set between two large retaining walls, with the view gradually coming into frame on ascension. A large picture window at the top reveals the views that lie ahead, and as one moves into the main living space, a sweeping, intoxicating vista of sand dunes and coastal parklands awaits.

At its core, the design works as a viewing platform from which to observe and appreciate nature.  On still days, the pavilion-like structure opens up to embrace the weather and the landscape. When the weather calls for staying indoors, the interior provides a warm sanctuary to witness the outside world.

A sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces is enhanced by the concrete wall planes that run internally and the timber ceiling plane that extends to the exterior to provide outdoor cover.  Black joinery riffs off the black timber cladding and green carpet reflects the native landscape hues.  The dynamic, textural splash back tiles in the kitchen reflect the sky in all its atmospheric variation.

At such an exposed site, flexibility was key. Outdoor entertaining areas feature on both sides of the house to provide options depending on weather conditions. The layout of the house seeks to maximise its superb position and spectacular outlooks, with the main living zone enjoying both sunrise and sunset views.

Intelligent planning and zoning were also key, allowing the home to be warm and cosy for small groups and big and inviting when numbers swell during weekends and holiday seasons. Thus, the space is able to behave as a luxury one bedroom home most of the time so as to reduce maintenance and maximise comfort.

A true sanctuary that celebrates the superb coastline just beyond, Montfort House is an exercise in rugged luxury.

Timothy Kaye
Bek Sheppard