Preview: Rosanna House

Last month, we spent the day shooting our recently completed Rosanna House for the second volume of UnFold; a magazine we create to tell the stories of our clients and our people.

Home to a design driven client and her busy, young family of four, Rosanna House is all about maximised family time; celebrating the parents’ love of cooking (often in the custom built smoker) and gathering around the dining table. In summer, it’s all about being outdoors; with kids in the pool, doors to the deck wide open, and wet footprints running through to the kitchen.

“A friend recently commented that he’d never really appreciated what a well-designed and built house could feel like – until he came to our home. I think that’s the greatest compliment we can pass on to InForm and the team.”

We’ll be telling the stories of our Rosanna clients, and many more, when we release UnFold 2 in October.

Until then, follow us on Instagram see more outtakes of this beautiful, lively home.