Client Interview: Elsternwick House

Initially designed with cedar cladding, the external recycled brick at this Elsternwick House was partly in response to a covenant on the title, demonstrating the versatility of the ‘California’ model.

What it also demonstrated was the flexibility of our client Monique, not phased by the change to the exterior and excited to see the project come to life.

Here, Monique shares her journey with InForm.

What initially led you to InForm?
A friend recommended InForm initially and took me to see her friend’s house in Brighton. I thought the house was beautifully built but wasn’t too keen on her layout. I then visited the California House in Brighton with my father, who was blown away by the level of detail and design. He convinced me to go with InForm. Also having never built a house before, it was certainly appealing to know to the dollar what the build would cost and to have someone there helping me through the whole process.

How did our architect Simon and interior design Kanako bring your brief to life? What were the highlights of this process and of working closely with the architects and interior designers?

My brief was for a modern mid-century style house, which Simon brought to life through a mix of different materials: cedar cladding, stone feature walls and more.

However our plans were upturned by a brick covenant on our title, which dictated that all external walls had to be built out of exposed brick. This actually turned out to be a blessing as in our opinion the house looks better!

I really enjoyed the creative process working with Simon, especially when the brief changed to brick, which challenged the existing engineering. I was always very clear on what I wanted the house to look like internally and Kanako helped me bring my vision to life, with great recommendations and tips along the way.

Who were some of the key staff members you worked with at InForm and how was your experience working with them? 

I spent many hours with sales team David and Jane poring over every detail of the house. I really enjoyed working with both of them and can’t say enough nice things about them. Their level of detail, understanding and empathy was reassuring to a novice home builder.

I didn’t have much to do with Chris during the build but knew he was there in the background and that he was aware at all times what was going on at our house.

The contracts manager, Jon, has also been amazing to deal with – very understanding and quick to sort out any issues.

Our site supervisor, Ben has been a delight to work with – apart from building our house in a record nine months; he has kept me in the loop on everything, resolved any issues straight away and built us a great house!

Did you feel as though your site supervisor communicated satisfactorily throughout the construction phase?

Definitely. I always knew what was going on at the site., and I was advised of any issues immediately.

How would you describe the personal level of service provided at InForm?

I find Chris McKimm to be very ethical and fair and he sets the tone for the business from the top down. Everyone I have dealt with at InForm has been terrific – going above and beyond to ensure everything has been done to the highest possible standard.

What is your favourite part of the home? 

It’s hard to say as I love it all, but I probably like the master ensuite the most. We get beautiful light through our skylight and I love the tiles.