New Designs - Hip, Level + Gable

InForm is pleased to announce a new range of house designs to be known as the Hip, Level and Gable. Essentially based on the same floor plan, the names reflect the alternative roof form options.


This range includes popular elements from other designs with an emphasis on structural efficiency, thereby minimising construction cost. These houses are the most cost efficient in the InForm stable.

The core of the house is consistent with other designs, including the functional relationship between garage, laundry, pantry and kitchen, which has been very popular with our clients. Unique to this design is the courtyard that provides a central focus and light source to the house, as well as creating interesting vistas through living and garden spaces.


As always the relationship between interior and exterior spaces, including potential integration of a swimming pool has been carefully considered. Pergola and loggias are offered as options further enhancing the outdoor living potential.


Highly adaptable and in line with the architectural intent of all InForm houses, the Level, Hip and Gable were formed the way all our homes are; well considered and neatly detailed based on principles of simplicity and elegance.


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